Alberta Health Services information and support on overdose signs, symptoms, Naloxone and more.

Respond To An Overdose

Call 911 or use the Naloxone SAVE ME Steps

Please link to to spot signs and symptoms of an overdose and how to respond to an overdose by either calling 911 (Canada's Good Samaritan law protects those saving the life of someone who overdoses) or using the Naloxone SAVE ME Steps. Note: If a person must be unattended at any time, put them in the recovery position (mouth downward for fluid to drain from airway, chin up to keep throat open, arms and legs locked to stabilize position).

Harm Reduction

A Collective Voice

View Harm Reduction related resources and organizations located in the Province of Alberta, nationally and internationally.


Alberta Addicts Who Educate and Advocate Responsibly (AAWEAR) is a provincial group of people in Alberta with a history of drug use. We meet to build the capacity of people who use drugs so that our voice can be heard and our health can be improved. We want all Albertans to recognize that we are people who deserve respect and understanding within our communities


The Lethbridge HIV Connection Society is a volunteer-based non-for profit organization that provides leadership in building individual and community capacity to respond to and reduce the harm associated with HIV and Hepatitis C.

HIV Edmonton

HIV Edmonton supports people living with, and affected by HIV and AIDS by: developing educational resources for community organizations, healthcare professionals and the general public; developing and delivering prevention, health promotion and support programs; and providing a voice for people living with, and affected by HIV and AIDS through our work with local, provincial and national organizations on policy development, health strategy and program design.

HIV North Society

HIV North is a not-for-profit AIDS service organization based in Grande Prairie, Peace River, and Fort McMurray. We promote awareness, initiate prevention and provide care and support throughout the northern region of the province. Whether you are living positive, have been personally affected by HIV, or hope never to be, connect with us.

Safeworks Harm Reduction Program

Safeworks is a needle exchange, injection drug education and prevention program.

Shining Mountains

Shining Mountains Living Community Services provides a wide range of community services for people at risk for and who are living with HIV/AIDS and/or HCV, homelessness, domestic violence, and addictions. We offer Cultural Training for organizations, education, referral programs and capacity building. Our programs help people help themselves and address issues related to HIV/AIDS, HCV, STI's, homelessness, domestic violence, addiction, and self sufficiency, thereby reducing the incidence of harm to individuals and communities.


Streetworks is based on important philosophies like Harm Reduction, Health Promotion, and Primary Health Care. Building strengths, outreach, relationship-based work, decreasing barriers and advocacy are paramount in meeting the goals of the program. Streetworks is made up of a Team Leader, 3 Nurses and 4 Outreach workers.

Turning Point Society of Alberta

Turning Point Society of Central Alberta, formerly known as The Central Alberta AIDS Network Society (CAANS) is a local charity responsible for sexually transmitted and blood borne infection prevention and support in the Alberta Health Service Central Zone. This service area is the second largest in Alberta at 95,000 square kilometres and contains a population of over 453,469.

Canadian Association of People Who Use Drugs

The Canadian Association of People Who Use Drugs (CAPUD) is raising the voice of people who use(d) drugs throughout the policy making process at every level of government. In 2015, CAPUD collaborated on a Supreme Court intervention brief in a case about the constitutionality of mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenders. We currently have membership in nine Canadian provinces. Our board is composed entirely of people with lived experience.

Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse

A not-for-profit organization working to reduce the health, social and economic harm associated with substance abuse and addictions.

Canadian Drug Policy Coalition

We are working to transform our approach to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. The Canadian drug policy coalition is comprised of over 70 organizations and 3000 individuals working to support the development of a drug policy for Canada that is based in science, guided by public health principles, is respectful of the human rights of all, and seeks to include people who use drugs and those harmed by the war on drugs in moving towards a healthier Canadian society.

Canadian Harm Reduction Network

A meeting place for individuals and organizations across Canada dedicated to reducing the social, health and economic harms associated with drugs and drug policies.

Drug Policy Alliance

The Drug Policy Alliance is dedicated to publicizing alternatives to current anti-drug strategies which include articles and DPA press releases.

Alberta Health Services - Resources

The opioid crisis is more widespread in Alberta than many people think. It’s worked its way into our cities, towns, suburbs and homes. Nobody is immune to the opioid crisis. Right now, there could be people in your life who are struggling with opioids. But there is hope. There are things we can all do to make sure those at risk of an overdose are safer. Please connect to AHS resources for more information.

Harm Reduction Coalition

The Harm Reduction Coalition is committed to reducing drug-related harm reduction among individuals and communities by initiating and promoting local, regional and national harm reduction education, intervention and community organizing.

International Harm Reduction Association

An international professional association for individuals and organizations concerned with the development of drug policies to reduce the harmful consequences of drug use and current drug policies.

Moms Stop The Harm

Moms Stop the Harm (MSTH) is a network of Canadian mothers and families whose loved ones have died due to substance use or hope for recovery. We call for an end to the failed war on drugs, which is a war on the people we love.We envision a new approach based on reducing harm, where people who use drugs are treated with respect, compassion and support.